We have used the Versa Yurt products on hundreds of projects for a variety of applications. The tent structure is strong and does not require any tools or heavy equipment. Four people can easily assemble the tent. It is easy to clean, store, and transport. We have used the structures for temporary housing, hygiene, medical, command, and many other temporary facilities. We even built a kitchen in one of these shelters. We have provided these structures to many public and private sector customers and it has become the shelter of choice. The cost of the structure is very attractive compared to other similar structures.

The structures are fantastic for emergency base camps, as we can transport 25 units in one semi-trailer and quickly set up the structures. They are also great for remote workforce housing and can be configured for a variety of uses. The structure’s durability is outstanding. The insulation product is better than other similar products. Combined with HVAC or heating equipment using the port holes in each corner provides for a comfortable temperature inside the tent structure. The structures can be connected with the vestibule hallways, or you can create an entry way with the vestibule entry way. This provides for flexibility in camp design and personnel flow.

The tent structure meets the California fire code NFPA 701 requirements as well as the Canada fire code requirements. Additionally, the product is IS0 certified and can be shipped to any location in the world. I highly recommend this structure as a great solution for any temporary shelter application.

Donald R. Pollard
GFP Enterprises, LLC

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